About Us

Multicultural Salon

We are multi-talented Hair Specialists, and our model is we can do it all; even cover the bald! With our combined experiences of 35+ years in the industry, we can make a difference with your hair.

Our Dedication to Good Health Ethics

We are advocates of solid health care practices.  We believe in a healthy diet that includes fruits and green leafy vegetables, and regular exercise.  The health of hair responds excellently when the body has what it needs. And then when our customers walk through our doors, we can perform our styling transformation.

A Note from the Lead Stylist

I care about my customers.  I have a special interest in helping to build self-esteem in children.  I have a heightened awareness regarding the needs of the elderly community.  I respect everyone's human rights. 

The shop has a positive atmosphere, designed to make the customer feel good and encouraged.  Feel free to come by and check us out!