Cuts / Color


Clipper Cuts  $26

Junior Cuts  $18  

Permanent Color  $40 and up

Cellophane  $25 and up

Demi Permanent Color  $30 and up

Highlights  $45 and up 

Permanents / Hair Extensions / Flat Iron

Chi Enviro   (Smoothing Treatment)    $150 and up

Permanent Waves  $65 and up

Relaxer Touch Up  $65 and up Texturizer  $55 and up 

Flat Iron  $35 and up

Press N Curl  $45 and up

Virgin Relaxer   $80 and up 

Bonding Each Piece $10 

Glue Removal   $15 

Hair Head Braid Technique   $75 and up 

Machine Weft Technique $250 and up

Sew in Braid Technique     $150 and up 

Sew in Removal   $15

Sew in Technique Each Braid  $15

Shampoo/Roller Sets/Conditioning

Crimps  $55 and up

Deep Conditioner  $15 and up

Protein Conditioner $15 and up

Roller Set  $40 and up    

Roller Wrap  $40 and up

Shampoo and  Condition  $20 and up

Shampoo/Condition/Blow Dry $40 and up